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About Just The Real News

This site is thanks to all modern day media. No really, if they hadn’t made me dig in order to find what was going on, this website wouldn’t exist. There was a news story being reported that made me dig through 3 news sites in order to find a link to the actual source. The “Real News.”

This site is built for everybody frustrated with being told what to think. It is created for anybody who just wants to be treated like a grown adult that can come to their own conclusions. Any post on Just The Real News will be either 100% official government text, or indicated otherwise with “***”.

I have a full time job and a family, on top of maintaining this website, so my availability is restricted. That being said, I will do what I can to provide this valuable information in a timely manner.

Please consider SUBSCRIBING or DONATING in order to help cover expenses related to this resource.

Thank you so much.


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