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Chairwoman Waters’ Statement on World Bank President’s Comments on Climate Change

Today, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee, released the following statement in response to World Bank President David Malpass’s refusal to accept the scientific consensus that the burning of fossil fuels is dangerously warming the planet:

“President Malpass’s refusal to accept the overwhelming scientific consensus that human activity, specifically, the burning of fossil fuels, is the main driver of climate change is appalling.  

“It’s extremely concerning that the leader of the world’s premier development institution and largest source of climate finance would call into question the vast scientific evidence upon which the Bank’s climate work is presumably based or should be.  

“President Malpass’s unwillingness to acknowledge the central role that fossil fuel emissions play in climate change calls into question the Bank’s commitment to meeting the climate challenge, including efforts to help ensure a just transition away from fossil fuels in developing countries.

“In rejecting the widely accepted current state of knowledge about climate change, Malpass is undermining the World Bank’s leadership in the global response to the threat of climate change, which, in turn, threatens the Bank’s relevance in every other area, including its mission to alleviate poverty and promote sustainable growth.”


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