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Comer, Norman, Oversight Republicans Urge Democrats to Hold Hearing on Soaring Energy Prices

Lawmakers also call on Democrats to cease partisan investigation into America’s oil & gas industry

WASHINGTON — Today, House Committee on Oversight and Reform Ranking Member James Comer (R-Ky.), Subcommittee on the Environment Ranking Member Ralph Norman (R-S.C.), and Oversight Republicans sent a letter to Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) urging Committee Democrats to cease their reckless, partisan investigation into America’s oil and gas industry and instead hold a hearing to examine the rising cost of energy impacting Americans across the country.  

“We write to you again with serious concerns regarding the Committee’s investigation into the oil and gas industry. Since its inception, Committee Democrats’ investigation has been fraught with pre-determined conclusions, reckless accusations, and an abuse of Congress’ oversight authority. The most egregious of these abuses is your decision to unilaterally issue subpoenas for documents that strike at the heart of protections offered by the First Amendment,” wrote the lawmakers. “Meanwhile, Democrats continue to ignore the American people who are dealing with rising energy costs. Many families will be faced with the choice between buying Christmas gifts or putting gas in their vehicles or heating their homes—all thanks to the Biden Administration.  It is time for this Committee to exercise its oversight authority properly by returning our focus to the issues that are critical for the American people.” 

During a hearing on October 28, 2021, Committee Democrats spent six hours unnecessarily interrogating oil and gas executives and concluded by announcing their intent to issue subpoenas to all six entities who provided documents and appeared voluntarily. Meanwhile, Democrats have yet to hold a hearing on the Biden Administration’s policies that have resulted in Americans facing skyrocketing energy prices. President Biden has now resorted to releasing 50 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to cover up his disastrous policy decisions.  

“This cowardly blame shifting and vilifying of domestic energy companies must stop. This Committee is uniquely positioned to use our oversight authority to find a constructive path forward by working with—not against—industry to solve the current energy crisis. This Committee needs to act now and use its authority to address the most pressing issues facing the country. The American people look to our Committee to hold the government accountable for its actions. We should use the authority of this Committee to immediately convene a hearing to examine the rising cost of energy in this country and the ways that government can work with industry to lower gas prices and heating costs for the American people,” continued the lawmakers.   

Read the full letter Chairwoman Maloney here.

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Author: Chris Okey

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