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Committee Republicans Boycott Oversight Hearing

March 12, 2020

Today, Ranking Republican Rob Bishop (R-Utah) released the following statement on the absence of Republican Committee members from the scheduled Indigenous Peoples Subcommittee oversight hearing, “The Irreparable Environmental and Cultural Impacts of the Proposed Resolution Copper Mining Operation”:

“This Committee has a responsibility to conduct oversight of its jurisdiction and hear from stakeholders impacted by these important issues. These principles aren’t being met, and voices will be denied with the decision to move forward with this hearing.  Witnesses, including a tribal member in support of responsible natural resource development in this area, are incapable to attend due to coronavirus restrictions and quarantine. No tribal leaders will be attending because of their own coronavirus restrictions. Mr. Gosar is self-quarantined and will be unable to participate even though his district is among the most affected by the subject matter. These are obvious grounds to delay the hearing. The responsible action would have resulted in postponement so that voices can be heard.  To move ahead and exclude these voices is further evidence of the partisan, insular priorities of Committee Democrats.”

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