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Conaway Statement on Dicamba Decision

Washington, D.C. – House Agriculture Committee Ranking Member K. Michael Conaway (TX-11) released the following statement regarding the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ June 3, 2020 vacatur of dicamba registrations:

“I am thoroughly disappointed that our nation’s crop protection regulatory process continues to be hijacked by radical judges like those on the Ninth Circuit. This ruling undermines the public’s trust in the dedicated scientists and other professionals at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) whose hard work was cast aside by an activist court. After consulting with the EPA the last few days, I am pleased their cancellation order does provide farmers some clarity. However, the June 3, 2020 court decision remains a blow to many farmers in Texas and across the country and will have lasting impacts on producers’ ability to provide the U.S. and the world with safe and high-quality food and fiber. These specifically designed, labelled, and scientifically scrutinized dicamba-based products are important tools for cotton and soybean growers, and the court’s own opinion admits that its decision will create a financial hardship for farmers. This ruling, like so many before it, is a stark reminder of the importance of President Trump’s leadership on nominating strong judicial candidates and the Senate’s ability to quickly and effectively confirm them.”

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