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Cummings Responds to Letter from Cohen’s Attorney Clarifying Pardon Testimony

Washington, D.C. (Mar.13, 2019)—Today, Rep. Elijah E. Cummings, the Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Reform, issued the following statement in response to a letter from Michael Cohen’s attorney explaining that Mr. Cohen’s testimony regarding pardon discussions “could have been clearer regarding the time frames” and was intended to refer to the time period after he decided to leave the Trump Joint Defense Agreement:

“Our practice on this Committee is to give witnesses an opportunity to clarify their testimony, and that is what Mr. Cohen has done.   I do not see the need for further action—at least at this time.  However, I understand that Mr. Cohen may have answered more detailed questions on this same topic the day after our hearing when the Intelligence Committee had him in for a closed session.  We will review that transcript when it becomes available and determine whether any additional steps are required.”

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