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Davis Discusses Testing on Capitol Hill, Vote By Mail, & the EASE Act on CNN New Day

WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (R-Ill.) joined CNN New Day to discuss his continued call for testing on Capitol Hill, election issues faced by states, and his bill, H.R. 7905, the EASE Act, to help local election administrators safely hold elections this fall. Davis announced last night that he tested positive for COVID-19.

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Testing on Capitol Hill
With three House members this last week testing positive for COVID-19, Davis continues to urge Speaker Pelosi and congressional leaders to come to a consensus on implementing some level of testing for members, staff, and press on Capitol Hill. Since May, he has encouraged the House to explore testing and health monitoring options offered by the U.S. Air Force and private companies. CLICK HERE to view a timeline of his efforts.

Election Issues & Oversight
Davis discussed the ongoing issues with states moving too quickly to increase mail-in voting, including multiple ballots being sent to the wrong address, closure of polling places leading to long lines, and tens of thousand of voters being disenfranchised because their ballots didn’t arrive on time. These are issues he continues to engage with states and local election administrators on. Davis recently sent oversight letter to ten localities where voters faced significant hurdles to vote in recent primaries. CLICK HERE to view these letters.

The EASE Act
H.R. 7905, the Emergency Assistance for Safe Elections (EASE) Act works to help states ensure those who want to vote in person can do so safely and make mail-in voting more secure by cleaning their voter rolls.

Davis noted on CNN that a recent ABC News/Washington Post poll found that 59% of Americans still prefer to vote in person.

The EASE Act provides $400 million in assistance to state and local election administrators to help them prepare safe polling locations, recruit a new generation of poll workers, and update their voter registration rolls. Davis has urged this bill to be part of the next coronavirus relief package. CLICK HERE for more.

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