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Dear Colleague on Bold Health Care Investments in the Inflation Reduction Act

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Yesterday, when President Biden signed into law the Inflation Reduction Act, we achieved a bold, inflation-fighting package that will lower kitchen table costs for America’s families.  In my previous letter, I focused on the climate provisions, much of which originated in the House.

Today, I write you to highlight the Inflation Reduction Act’s life-saving and life-changing health care provisions.  House Democrats have fought for decades to bring down the costs of prescription drugs and health premiums — and with this landmark new law, we take an historic step to make health care more accessible and affordable for all.

Under the visionary leadership of Chairman Frank Pallone and Chairman Richie Neal, House Democrats paved the way for these bold investments in health care to become law.  Setting aside jurisdictional differences and working hand-in-hand, Energy and Commerce and Ways and Means served as a well-spring of brilliant policy proposals that strengthened the final package.  Empowering the HHS Secretary to negotiate for the price of prescription drugs — for which many of us have fought for decades — was a provision developed and refined through collaboration between these two committees.  We also salute the committees for their tireless work together to strengthen the Affordable Care Act through subsidies secured in our American Rescue Plan, which are extended for three more years by the IRA.  Let us also thank the Committee, Leadership and Member staffs, whose passion, persistence and collaboration made this progress possible.

As we engage with our constituents during this District Work Period, we must communicate how this new law puts more money in people’s pockets:

  • Lower Drug Prices: empowering the HHS Secretary to negotiate drug prices for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Cap on Drug Costs: ensuring seniors will not pay one cent more than $2,000 per year out of pocket for their medications 
  • Stopping Predatory Price Hikes: preventing drug companies from raising prices for Medicare beneficiaries faster than inflation
  • Locking in Lower Premiums: extending ACA subsidies so that 13 million Americans can keep their affordable coverage and continue saving an average of $2,800 for a family of four

Democrats’ historic action on health care strikes a big blow to Big Pharma: weakening its tight grip on the Congress while giving the public interest leverage over the special interest.  While much work remains to deliver for working families, this new law forges important progress to build a brighter, fairer, healthier future.

This week, many Members participated in our Day of Action on Social Security: contrasting Democrats’ plan to strengthen with Republicans’ plan to eliminate it.  If you have not engaged yet, it is not too late to reinforce this critical message under the guidance of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee.

Thank you for your leadership to put People Over Politics.


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