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Dear Colleague on House Passage of the Build Back Better Act

Dear Democratic Colleague,

Happily, we enter the Thanksgiving Season in a spirit of gratitude and joy, following our passage of the Build Back Better Act!  Honoring President Biden’s vision and addressing the needs of the American people, this legislation presents the most historic and transformative agenda in a century.  Build Back Better will forge extraordinary progress for the American people: creating good-paying jobs, lowering costs and cutting taxes, while making the wealthiest and big corporations pay their fair share. 

This success would not be possible without the leadership of our Committee Chairs, Members and staff and proudly, the courage of the House Democratic Majority.

This week has been an exciting one For The People.  In addition to the House passing the Build Back Better Act, we can all take pride in President Biden having signed the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act earlier this week.  In the weeks ahead, it is our responsibility to communicate the benefits of the BIF to our districts, demonstrating to our constituents that Democrats Deliver.  To that end, the DPCC has launched the “Democrats Deliver Tour” to highlight infrastructure investments across the country and is encouraging Members to host as many infrastructure events in your districts as possible before the end of the year. 

This Thanksgiving, we have much to be grateful for: the vaccine and with it, the ability to gather in-person with loved ones, another round of the historic Biden Child Tax Credit for families and a Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Build Back Better Act that will be transformative for families and workers thanks to you, because of your leadership For The People.

Best wishes for a Healthy, Holy and Happy Thanksgiving.

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