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Dear Colleague to All Members on Independence Day

Dear Colleague,

On the 4th of July, our nation celebrates the profound vision and courage of our Founders: who, nearly two and a half centuries ago, launched an unprecedented experiment in Democracy.

America was not born flawless.  But the mission our Founders left for us, to pursue a “more perfect union,” has galvanized generations of Americans to fight to make real the promise of liberty and justice for all.  This fight is what President Lincoln referred to as “unfinished business of Democracy.”

As we mark this all-American holiday, our Independence Day, let us never forget our duty to honor the glorious vision of our Founders: a nation where all may enjoy the blessings of liberty, bestowed by the Constitution and secured by our heroes in uniform.  That means we must always participate in the proud American tradition of expanding freedom, rather than restricting rights.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones for a peaceful and patriotic 4th of July.


Speaker of the House

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