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Disingenuous and Disappointing

Republican Leader of the House Committee on Education and Labor, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC), spoke on the House floor today to oppose Pelosi’s $2 trillion-dollar wish list that does more to fulfill the radical left agenda than help Americans recover from COVID-19.

Republican Leader Foxx’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

“Our colleagues across the aisle try to convince Americans that this bill is a compromise and bipartisan.


“That’s a joke, Mr. Speaker.

“Compromise to Democrats means do it their way.


“When it comes to spending taxpayers’ hard-earned money though, the Democrats just can’t seem to help themselves.


“The latest example is this $2.2 trillion-dollar socialist wish list which is riddled with radical left priorities that are unrelated to the pandemic.


“For example, it props up failing pension plans for select community newspapers. What does this have to do with the COVID-19 pandemic? The newspaper industry has been in decline for decades and these companies have had a longstanding inability to meet their pension obligations.


“The bill also forgives up to $10,000 of private student loan debt. Again, this does nothing to combat COVID-19. But massive loan forgiveness, despite the high cost to taxpayers, has long been a Democrat objective.


“So why are we considering this partisan scheme? Because come Election Day Democrats are hoping to cash in on this bill’s many empty promises.


“It’s disingenuous and it’s disappointing.”


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