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Graves Statement on White House Infrastructure Meeting

Statement from Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Ranking Member Sam Graves (R-MO) following today’s meeting at the White House to discuss infrastructure:

“Today, we made clear that in order for infrastructure efforts to be successful, the Administration and the Majority need to consider Republican priorities.  It cannot be a ‘my way or the highway’ approach like last Congress.

“First and foremost, a highway bill cannot grow into a multi-trillion dollar catch-all bill, or it will lose Republican support.  We have to be responsible, and a bill whose cost is not offset will lose Republican support.

“Second, a transportation bill needs to be a transportation bill that primarily focuses on fundamental transportation needs, such as roads and bridges.  Republicans won’t support another Green New Deal disguising itself as a transportation bill.

“Last, equity for rural America is a top Republican priority.  Rural infrastructure needs cannot be left behind, and we cannot continue to allow a growing disparity between resources provided to urban and rural communities, as we saw in the $30 billion transit funding portion of the Majority’s recent COVID-19 package.

“Republicans are eager to work on bipartisan solutions, but it will take a willingness to compromise and a good faith effort to consider Republican priorities.  We all have the same goal of improving America’s transportation infrastructure, but we cannot overlook broad sections of the country in the process.”

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