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Hearing Demonstrates HR 1/S 1 Would Decrease Voter Confidence in Elections

Key Exchange: 

Davis: You know, part of our Constitution, specifically relays that our elections should be run at the state and local level. Another very important part of our Constitution is the right of every American to be able to petition our government, right?

Dhillon: That is correct. It’s part of the First Amendment.

Davis: So it’s part of the First Amendment, and here we are today we’re having, we’re having another hearing about voter ID, and at the same time, Speaker Pelosi is requiring anyone who visits the United States Capitol, to come petition their government, to show an ID. So, is Speaker Pelosi racist?

Dhillon: She’s my, she’s my representative and so I won’t go so far as to say that; however, I would say that it is very unfortunate that Speaker Pelosi has limited the right of petition, in fact I have a lawsuit pending against Speaker Pelosi and, you know, the United States Congress concerning the right of people to be able to pray on the Capitol grounds so, certainly some constitutional rights are more equal than others today. But I think that right of access to the polls is incredibly important as an immigrant. My mother was a poll worker in Johnston County, North Carolina, a poll observer rather. And, you know, in the 1970s, the access to voting for minorities in this country in the South was very different than it is today, I think we need to recognize the great strides we’ve made in this country, and make laws that are relevant today, not laws that harken to eras decades combine.

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