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House Committee on Veterans Affairs Republicans

Today, Rep. Mike Bost (R-Ill.), the Ranking Member of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, released the below statement following the Committee markup of H.R. 3967, the Honoring Our PACT Act.

“There is no denying that toxic-exposed veterans need our help. Supporting them has been, and will continue to be, one of my highest priorities as a leader of this Committee and as a veteran myself. The fact is that VA has repeatedly refused to come to the table to help Congress deliver care and benefits to these men and women. This is a potentially trillion-dollar bill. We do not know how it will be paid for, whether the Biden Administration supports or opposes it, how it could disrupt needed services to other veterans, or even whether it will accomplish our goals for toxic-exposed veterans. I asked the Chairman to hold off on marking up this bill so that we can get that information. That request fell on deaf ears. Veterans are taxpayers too, and they deserve better. I am committed to continuing to work to find a compassionate, fiscally responsible, bipartisan solution to get toxic-exposed veterans the help they need. I will not give up the fight until that mission is complete.”

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