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Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Doug Lamborn (R-CO), Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Readiness, delivered the following opening statement at the subcommittee markup for H.R. 4350 National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022. The Subcommittee’s mark is available here.
Rep. Lamborn’s remarks as prepared for delivery:

Today we advance the Fiscal Year 2022 Readiness mark, fulfilling our commitment to readiness and military infrastructure to support the training, sustainment, and quality of life for military personnel and their families.

Over the past several months, this subcommittee has held hearings on many of the core issues within our jurisdiction, which stretches in scope across the national security enterprise. As I have said consistently in those hearings, I am a strong advocate for increased investment in our readiness accounts, and for a higher topline so that we can ensure we are outpacing our adversaries. 

We should never send troops into harm’s way on our behalf without the commensurate resources necessary to execute their mission.  I look forward to those conversations moving forward. 
But today, I’d like to echo the Chairman’s comments, especially with regard to the bipartisanship that has driven the process thus far. I’d also like to thank your staff for working tirelessly the past several months.

Finally, I would like to thank the Members for their active participation and contributions. 
Today’s mark draws strongly from Member input, as well as from our readiness subcommittee hearings and briefings over the past year. 

Provisions contained in this mark reflect that focus and make progress on:

Contested logistics challenges with peer and near peer adversaries; 

resiliency so that we can better protect our installations, assets and people; 

efforts to ensure weapons systems are sustainable and affordable over time;

support for our aging Organic Industrial Base, 

environmental issues like PFAS cleanup; 

and the safety of our service men and women, among many others. 

I again want to thank the committee Members for their engagement, and for their continued involvement as we work toward enacting another NDAA. 

The mark before us is a good product, reflective of the bipartisan nature of this subcommittee’s work, and I encourage its adoption. 

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