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Pallone on Planned Parenthood’s Withdraw from Title X

Energy and Commerce Chairman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ) released the following statement today after Planned Parenthood announced that it would have to withdraw from the Title X family planning program:

“I’m deeply saddened that Planned Parenthood has been left with no other choice than to withdraw from the Title X family planning program due to President Trump’s domestic gag rule, which bans providers in the program from sharing critical health care information with patients and places unnecessary and burdensome requirements on grantees without justification.

“This is yet another step in the Trump Administration’s relentless campaign to undermine Americans’ health care.  The Trump Administration has chosen to intentionally dismantle Title X’s network of quality family planning providers, at the expense of millions of women, men, and adolescents who have relied on Planned Parenthood as their provider of preventive health services.

“Make no mistake, this callous rule concocted by President Trump’s ideological henchmen jeopardizes access to health care for millions across the country, but we aren’t giving up.

“I’m proud to stand in support of Planned Parenthood.  Equal access to health care should be a fundamental right and I won’t stop fighting until we defeat this cruel gag rule and ensure all women have access to quality and affordable health care.”


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