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Pelosi Remarks at Photo Opportunity with Prime Minister Imran Khan of Pakistan – Speaker Nancy Pelosi


July 23, 2019

Speaker Pelosi. Good evening, everyone.

It is a great honor to welcome the Prime Minister of Pakistan Khan to the United States Capitol. The United States values the critical relationship, the partnership, between the United States and Pakistan.

We look forward to a productive meeting now: augmenting our counterterrorism and other security cooperation; increasing regional security and stability – stability in the region is important to the whole world; reconciliation efforts between Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Taliban – thank you for your leadership in that regard, Mr. Prime Minister; to advance enduring peace in the region and strengthen the vital ties between our economies, people, and nations.

And when we welcomed the – Mr. Prime Minister to the Capitol earlier, we talked about how invigorated America is by so many Pakistani-Americans here, whether it’s in terms of economy, our culture, our health care. In so many different ways, we are very blessed by many Pakistanis here and we value the relationship between our two countries.

Welcome, Mr. Prime Minister, to the Capitol.

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Author: Will McCollough

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