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Pelosi Statement Marking Ten Years Since the Shooting in Newtown

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement marking ten years since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut:

“Ten years ago today, Newtown and our entire nation were shaken by an unfathomable act of evil: twenty precious schoolchildren and six devoted educators slaughtered at Sandy Hook Elementary School.  Words cannot capture the agony and outrage of this monstrous rampage, which robbed innocent children of their futures and left their loved ones forever shattered.  Tragically, these wounds were again reopened earlier this year by the elementary school massacre in Uvalde – a brutal reminder that, a decade later, a gun violence crisis continues to steal our precious children.

“Endlessly inspired by courageous survivors and families transforming their anguish into action, Democrats have led the charge to combat the scourge of gun violence.  This summer, President Biden and the Democratic Congress enacted the first major gun violence prevention law in nearly three decades, which deploys stronger tools to keep weapons out of dangerous hands and invests in critical mental health services.  More must be done to save lives – which is why the Democratic House has passed legislation to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban, more efficiently warn communities during an active shooting and finally secure universal background checks.  We will not rest until these vital measures become law.

“In the decade since Newtown, countless more communities across the country have been scarred by the daily carnage of gun violence.  Today, and every day, let us reaffirm our resolve to stop the bloodshed and build a safer world for our children.”

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