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Pelosi Statement on 87th Anniversary of Social Security

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement marking the 87th anniversary of Social Security, which was signed into law by President Franklin D. Roosevelt on August 14, 1935:

“Nearly nine decades ago, amid the turmoil and hardship of the Great Depression, President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act – ensuring that, after a lifetime of hard work, seniors could enjoy the dignity of a secure retirement.  For generations, Social Security has been a pillar of financial stability: bringing peace of mind to those in retirement, living with a disability or grieving a loved one.  Yet, Republicans are continuing their extreme efforts to unwind this transformative legislative achievement.

“Today, tens of millions of Americans rely on their hard-earned Social Security checks to get by each month.  Many more are counting on those benefits as they work toward a well-deserved retirement.  Rather than safeguarding and strengthening these essential benefits, extreme MAGA Republicans are seeking to destroy Social Security as we know it.  A majority of House Republicans are rallying around a budget that would hike the retirement age, slash benefits and push privatization – turning Social Security benefits over to Wall Street.  Some in the Senate want to go even further: putting Social Security funding on the chopping block every year and subjecting retirees to constant uncertainty.

“While Republicans prioritize their own power over all else, Democrats are fighting to put People Over Politics.  Tomorrow, House Democrats will join together with seniors across the country for a nationwide Day of Action – reaffirming our unshakable commitment to defending Social Security against right-wing attacks.  We will never relent in safeguarding Social Security and strengthening the economic security of every family: lowering costs, creating better-paying jobs and building safer communities.”

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