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Pelosi Statement on Mass Shooting in Highland Park, Illinois

Washington, D.C. — Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois, which killed at least six people and wounded at least two dozen more:

“Americans’ hearts are broken by the senseless gun violence in Highland Park today, as innocent families were celebrating this all-American holiday.  We pray for all those who have lost loved ones and for the entire community forever scarred by this shooting. 

“It is with much gratitude for their service that the Congress salutes the heroic first responders, as they have worked to save lives and keep the community safe.

“It is particularly heart-wrenching that this unspeakable horror was unleashed on a day of celebration for our nation.  As we mark Independence Day today, let us renew our vow to never relent until all our children can live free from the fear of gun violence.”

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