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Pelosi Statement on Omnibus Government Funding Legislation

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the release of omnibus government funding legislation for Fiscal Year 2023:

“Our Caucus and the Congress salute Chairs DeLauro and Leahy, working with Vice Chair Shelby, for their masterful leadership in crafting a strong, bicameral, bipartisan government funding bill.  Thanks to Democrats’ tenacious negotiating, we have secured an enormous increase in non-defense discretionary funding investing heavily in families and workers, honoring our commitment to our veterans, and strengthening Democracy at home and abroad.

“This package expands quality, affordable health care: preventing disruption to families’ health coverage, while strengthening critical lifelines for underserved communities including Medicaid, notably in Puerto Rico and other territories.  For The Children, the bill ensures that millions of children retain their health coverage and that 29 million kids can access nutritious meals through EBT during the summer.

“Fulfilling our patriotic duty, the omnibus includes a huge increase in veterans’ health care including for the implementation of our landmark PACT Act.  The bill will also increase pay for our heroic troops and meet the basic needs of our military families.  Significantly, this legislation delivers another consequential round of aid to Ukraine, further supporting their fight for Democracy. 

“The omnibus delivers emergency disaster relief to help victims of hurricanes and wildfires throughout our country, to address the water crisis in Jackson, Mississippi, and $1 billion for Puerto Rico’s electrical grid.  It also secures Community Project Funding to help meet the specific needs of families and communities in our districts.

“Here at home, the package reforms the Electoral Count Act to thwart future assaults on our Democracy.

“This week, the House will take up this package – keeping government open and working For The People.”

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