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Pelosi Statement on President Biden’s Executive Actions to Combat Climate Crisis

Washington, D.C. – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on President Biden’s Executive Actions to combat the climate crisis:

“President Biden’s sweeping and visionary climate action sends a clear message to the world: America recognizes the urgency of the climate crisis, and we are embracing the opportunity to solve it with economic and environmental justice for all.  These Executive Actions will not only reverse the Trump special interest, dirty energy agenda but will Build Back Better – expanding on House Democrats’ progress to finally take our country into a net zero-emissions, clean energy future. 

“This coordinated, whole-of-government approach strengthens workers and the economy: creating good-paying American union jobs and powering growth by rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure in a climate-resilient way.  It shows how we can save the planet while saving consumers and taxpayers money.  The Biden Plan is transformative and forward-looking, understanding that the climate crisis is an issue of justice and championing equity at every step.  And it revitalizes our entire approach to the crisis: re-engaging the global community, treating the climate crisis as an economic and national security threat and ensuring that America’s climate policy will be determined by scientists, experts and the communities at stake, not politicians and polluters.

“Armed with Congressional Democrats’ Solving the Climate Crisis Action Plan – widely lauded as the most important climate strategy in American history – House Democrats are ready to work with President Biden to advance this climate agenda.  Together, we can protect public health, advance America’s preeminence in the green jobs of the future, defend our national security and honor our moral obligation to be good stewards of God’s creation.”

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