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Pelosi Statement on Retirement of Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer

San Francisco – Speaker Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the decision by United States Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer to retire from the Court:

“When Justice Stephen Breyer departs from the bench, the Supreme Court and the Country will lose a leader of honor and integrity, a defender of liberty, justice and the Constitution, and a guardian of our fundamental rights.  At the ceremony with President Biden this morning announcing his departure from the Court, Justice Breyer’s remarks were patriotic, inspiring and confident in America’s future.

“Justice Breyer has championed liberty not merely as freedom from oppression, but as freedom to participate fully in our democracy – paving the way for great progress in our nation.  His important rulings have expanded the promise of freedom, whether protecting women’s reproductive freedoms, ensuring that all are equally represented in the Census, or upholding the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act and the transformational protections it provides every American.  His respect for the legislative judgments of Congress has upheld and strengthened the balance of powers that is a cornerstone of our Constitution. With his abiding faith in civic participation, and committed engagement with young people and students, Justice Breyer has helped ensure that our democracy does, as our Founders intended, work For The People.

“For his legal brilliance, his unwavering integrity and his firm devotion to safeguarding our democracy, Justice Breyer will leave a remarkable legacy.  As a native son of San Francisco, our city takes extraordinary pride in Justice Breyer’s more than four decades of distinguished service on the federal bench.  We thank the Breyer family for sharing him with the Country.

“Congress and the Country look forward to President Biden’s historic nomination, who will carry on Justice Breyer’s mission and who will keep faith with the Supreme Court’s role as a defender of individual rights.”

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