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Republican Election Security Proposal Address Mueller Report Concerns

WASHINGTON – Committee on House Administration Ranking Member Rodney Davis (IL-13) released the following statement on the majority’s partisan election security bill, H.R. 2722: the SAFE Act, and its failure to address the election security concerns from the Mueller Report. The Election Security Assistance Act, H.R. 3412, introduced by Committee on House Administration Republicans addresses cybersecurity concerns while standing a chance of becoming law.

“‘The bill that Democrats are rushing through the House does not address the serious security concerns laid out in the Mueller Report. The Former Special Counsel’s report identifies two areas of attack against our election infrastructure: the first was against voter data in the voter registration systems across 21 states, and the second was a misinformation campaign through social media. H.R. 2722 does not address either of these concerns, but our bill does,” said Ranking Member Davis.  

“An obvious solution to cyber threats should be to provide flexible grants and resources that allow states to decide how to use their funds and resources to upgrade their cybersecurity. Instead, the Democrats’ bill focuses on forcing states to restructure their election systems through federal mandates and ignores states’ rights to choose the election system that best fits their unique needs. In order to protect our election system, we need to assist states in upgrading their election and cyber security efforts, as we do in H.R. 3412, the Election Security Assistance Act.” 

H.R. 2722, SAFE Act vs. H.R. 3412, Election Security Assistance Act:

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