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Washington, DC – U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R-AL), Lead Republican of the House Armed Services Committee, released a statement reiterating his calls for a counterterrorism plan. His statement follows reports that al-Qaeda could pose a significant threat to the United States in one to two years.

“We know that President Biden ignored his top military advisors on Afghanistan and the errors that resulted from that mistake are devastating. Americans are still stranded in Afghanistan, al-Qaeda and ISIS are reforming in Afghanistan, and the Biden-Harris administration continues to ignore our calls for a plan. Without any strategic air bases in the area, we can assume the administration doesn’t actually have a counterterrorism plan to conduct ‘over-the-horizon’ operations to defeat al-Qaeda or ISIS.

“Yesterday, intelligence officials said al-Qaeda is only one to two years away from reorganizing itself in Afghanistan to pose a significant threat to the United States. The Biden-Harris administration needs to take these warnings seriously. Where is President Biden’s plan to prevent a haven for terrorists from forming in Afghanistan?

“Secretary of State Antony Blinken said there are still approximately 100 American citizens remaining in Afghanistan who want to return to the U.S. The estimated number of U.S. legal permanent residents hoping to leave is in the thousands. Why are they still there and what is the President’s plan to safely evacuate our people?

“Ignoring the problems stemming from Afghanistan won’t stop a terrorist attack or keep Americans safe – it will only lead to disaster. Mr. President, where is your plan?”

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