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Smith, Cooper Praise Biden Administration’s Work to Extend New START Treaty

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representatives Adam Smith (D-Wash.), Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, and Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), today issued the following joint statement after the Biden administration announced a principal agreement with Russia to extend the New START Treaty.
“We commend the Biden administration on reaching agreement with Russia to extend the New START Treaty. Despite Russia’s wide ranging malign activities, ensuring limits on and insight into Russia’s nuclear arsenal is unquestionably in the national security interest of the United States,” the members said. “We can deter Russian aggression and secure our interests through arms control at the same time. As our military leaders have long stated, New START provides stability and predictability to the Department of Defense in its highest priority: Deterring the use of nuclear weapons against the United States and its allies. This is an important first step toward a more sane nuclear policy.”


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