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Support for Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act Grows as Shippers Demand Relief from Costly, Unfair Practices

August 03, 2022

Washington, DC- The Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act, introduced earlier today by Chair of the Subcommittee on Railroads, Pipelines, and Hazardous Materials Donald M. Payne, Jr. (D-NJ), Chair of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure Peter DeFazio (D-OR), Chair of the House Committee on Agriculture David Scott (D-GA), and Chair of the Subcommittee on Livestock and Foreign Agriculture Jim Costa (D-CA), has gained support from captured freight rail customers who stand to benefit from provisions that would create a more fair and competitive marketplace. 
The full bill text, section-by-section, and fact sheet can be found herehere, and here.  
Statements in support of the Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act
American Chemistry Council (ACC): 
“This important legislation contains many thoughtful solutions that complement the much-needed reforms being considered by the STB,” Chris Jahn, President and Chief Executive Officer of the American Chemistry Council said. “We urge Congress and the STB to work together on meaningful reforms that will incentivize the railroads to provide reliable and competitive service and hold them accountable when they fail to deliver.” 
National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA): 
“NGFA members appreciate Chairman DeFazio and Chairman Payne for their leadership in responding to severe rail service issues that have caused supply chain disruptions, endangered the delivery of feed to livestock, led to grain processing facilities slowing and shutting down, and negatively impacted U.S. grain exports. The Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act includes sensible and necessary policy measures to improve rail service and level the playing field for agricultural shippers, including incentives for railroads to perform and the establishment of minimum rail service standards. We urge the prompt approval of this bill to help address unreliable freight rail service for the U.S. agricultural value chain and deter future service failures,” Mike Seyfert, President and CEO of NGFA said.
National Industrial Transportation League (NITL): 
“The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) is pleased to support the Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act. This bill is consistent with NITL’s longstanding policy goals and objectives by providing the Surface Transportation Board (STB) with enhanced tools to better hold the railroads accountable in providing reasonable service at reasonable rates. Due to supply chain challenges complicated by railroad operation decisions, this bill also addresses the continued debilitating service problems being experienced by NITL members who move billions of dollars’ worth of freight on our nation’s rails,” Nancy O’Liddy, Executive Director of NITL stated.
Additional Organizations Supporting the Freight Rail Shipping Fair Market Act: 

  • Agribusiness Association of Iowa
  • Agribusiness Council of Indiana
  • Agricultural Council of Arkansas
  • Agricultural Retailers Association
  • AgTC — Agriculture Transportation Coalition
  • Amcot
  • American Agri-Women
  • American Bakers Association
  • American Cotton Producers
  • American Cotton Shippers Association
  • American Farm Bureau Federation
  • American Feed Industry Association
  • American Train Dispatchers Association
  • American Sheep Industry Association
  • American Soybean Association
  • American Sugar Cane League
  • Arkansas Rice Federation
  • Association of California Egg Farmers
  • Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen
  • California Association of Wheat Growers
  • California Cattlemen’s Association
  • California Grain and Feed Association
  • California Pork Producers Association
  • California Poultry Federation
  • Consumer Brands Association
  • Corn Refiners Association
  • Cottonseed and Feed Association
  • Freight Rail Customer Alliance
  • Georgia Agribusiness Council
  • Grain and Feed Association of Illinois
  • Growth Energy
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
  • International Dairy Foods Association
  • International Fresh Produce Association
  • Iowa Institute for Cooperatives
  • Kansas Association of Wheat Growers
  • Kansas Grain and Feed Association
  • Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association
  • Laughlin Cartrell Inc.
  • Midsouth Grain Association
  • Minnesota Crop Production Retailers
  • Minnesota Grain and Feed Association
  • Minnesota Wheat Research & Promotion Council
  • Mississippi Feed and Grain Association
  • Montana Agricultural Business Association
  • Montana Grain Elevators Association
  • National Aquaculture Association
  • National Association of State Departments of Agriculture
  • National Association of Wheat Growers
  • National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • National Corn Growers Association
  • National Cotton Council of America
  • National Cotton Ginners Association
  • National Cottonseed Products Association
  • National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
  • National Grain and Feed Association
  • National Grange
  • National Milk Producers Federation
  • National Oilseed Processors Association
  • National Sorghum Producers
  • Nebraska Agri-Business Association
  • Nebraska Cooperative Council
  • Nebraska Dry Pea and Lentil Commission
  • Nebraska Wheat Board
  • Nebraska Wheat Growers Association
  • New York State Agribusiness Association
  • North American Meat Institute
  • North American Millers’ Association
  • North Carolina Agribusiness Council
  • North Dakota Grain Dealers Association
  • Northeast Agribusiness and Feed Alliance
  • Northwest Chicken Council
  • Ohio AgriBusiness Association
  • Oklahoma Grain & Feed Association
  • Oklahoma Wheat Growers Association
  • Oregon Feed & Grain Association
  • Oregon Wheat Growers League
  • Pacific Egg & Poultry Association
  • Pacific Northwest Grain & Feed Association
  • Pet Food Institute
  • Plains Cotton Growers, Inc.
  • Portland Cement Association
  • Private Railcar Food and Beverage Association
  • Roquette
  • South Dakota Agri-Business Association (SDABA)
  • Soy Transportation Coalition
  • Specialty Soya and Grains Alliance
  • Tennessee Feed and Grain Association
  • Texas Ag Industries Association
  • Texas Grain and Feed Association
  • Texas Wheat Producers Association
  • The Fertilizer Institute
  • USA Rice
  • Wisconsin Agri-Business Association
  • Wyoming Wheat Marketing Commission


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