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Thompson Statement on Disaster Relief Provisions in Continuing Resolution

Following the announcement of the inclusion of funding for agricultural disaster assistance for producers as a part of the Continuing ResolutionRepublican Leader Glenn “GT” Thompson issued the following statement:

“Now that the fate of the Continuing Resolution is not sabotaged by a wrongheaded attempt to link it to the debt ceiling, I am pleased the appropriators were able to include producer assistance for 2020 and 2021 losses. This $10 billion will help address many of the needs of farmers and ranchers who were hard hit by natural disasters. The legislation includes several policy priorities for House Members, including the Committee’s unanimously passed H.R. 267. Without our Committee’s work, a higher payment limitation for specialty crops, broader coverage of drought losses, and the addition of excessive heat and freeze as covered events would have never seen the light of day. Unfortunately, the Senate negotiators insisted on leaving several key provisions on the cutting room floor that I will continue to work to see included in future legislation. I want to commend House Agriculture Committee Chairman David Scott for being a fellow advocate during this process and praise the excellent work of Agriculture Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Sanford Bishop and Ranking Member Jeff Fortenberry for tirelessly fighting to ensure critical priorities of the members of the House of Representatives were reflected in the final agreement.”


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