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VIDEO: DC Fully Reopens Tomorrow, Capitol Remains Closed

Yes, Madam Speaker. I’m desperate to reopen this House.

I’m desperate to allow families and school groups to tour the Capitol again.

I’m desperate for constituents to visit their Member of Congress’s office without being escorted.

I’m desperate for hearing rooms that are sitting empty throughout these buildings paid for by the taxpayers waiting for them to reopen again.

This is the People’s House, and we should act like it. But under Speaker Pelosi’s leadership, the House doesn’t have a plan to reopen.

In fact, we’ve actually gone backwards, not forward regarding some of the restrictions since the height of the pandemic. The Halls of Congress – they’re mostly empty.

Many states in America are open. DC is set to fully reopen June 11th, but the House still does not have a reopen date…

A date to open to visitors or end proxy voting and remote committee hearings and requiring Members to come back to DC to work.

So the Speaker is right about one thing, I am desperate, desperate to get this House back to work.

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