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Coordinated party expenditure limits adjusted for 2023 –

The 2023 coordinated party expenditure limits are now available.

  • For Senate nominees, the 2023 limits range from $118,700 to $3,623,400, depending on each state’s voting age population (VAP).
  • For House nominees in states that have only one U.S. House Representative, the limit is $118,700.
  • For House nominees in states that have more than one U.S. House Representative, and for the District of Columbia and territories that elect individuals to the office of Delegate or Resident Commissioner, the limit is $59,400.

For the complete list of 2023 limits, visit our coordinated party expenditure limits page. This page lists the state-by-state coordinated party expenditure limits for Senate nominees. It also includes information on which types of party committees have the authority to make coordinated party expenditures.

The limits are calculated according to a statutory formula that accounts for the annual cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The applicable COLA for 2023 is 5.93544.

Coordinated party expenditure limits are separate from the contribution limits. Unlike contributions, the national senatorial and congressional committees do not have separate coordinated party expenditure limits; however, they may receive authorization to spend against the national limit or state party limits. Coordinated party expenditures also differ from contributions in that the party committee must spend the funds on behalf of the nominee rather than give the money directly to the campaign. These expenditures may be made in consultation with the nominee; however, only the party committee making the expenditure–not the candidate committee–must report them. Coordinated party expenditures are reported on Form 3X, line 25, and are always itemized on Schedule F, regardless of amount.

The coordinated party expenditure limits were published in the Federal Register on February 2, 2023 at 88 Fed. Reg. 7088.

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