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Building the Future, Respecting the Culture, Preserving the Past

The island of Guam has a rich cultural history, beginning with the early period of habitation by pre-contact Chamoru society to the present-day ethnically-diverse community that has grown into one of the most important economic hubs in the Western Pacific. Since the establishment of Marine Barracks Guam in 1899 and the liberation of the island during WWII, the U.S. Marine Corps is proud to be a part of Guam’s unique story and seeks to honor the island’s past, present and its future. As the Marine Corps continues to make progress with the building of Marine Corps Base Camp Blaz, Guam, numerous steps are taken to respectfully manage cultural and historical sites and artifacts encountered, and to care for them in line with modern preservation law and accepted practices…

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Author: Cpl. Andrew King

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