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Guided by fate: Marine Karate practitioner respects Okinawa, the root of Karate

At a Christmas party held at Camp Schwab in 2019, a tall blue-eyed gentleman greeted the guests from the neighboring communities in fluent Japanese. His Japanese was so good that he needed no translator and his demeanor was reminiscent of a Japanese native. This gentleman was Col. Jason S. D. Perry, the current assistant division commander of 3rd Marine Division at Camp Courtney. He most recently came to Okinawa in 2018 as the commanding officer of 4th Marine Regiment at Camp Schwab.
Col. Perry makes closing remarks in Japanese to the people from the local communities at the 38th Camp Schwab/USO Christmas Children’s Day in Camp Schwab USO Dec. 7, 2019.

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Author: Yoshie Makiyama

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