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Marines create innovative vehicle maintenance tool using additive manufacturing

Marine Corps System Command’s Advanced Manufacturing Operations Cell collaborated with 1st Supply Battalion and industry partners to develop a 3D-printed metal steering wheel removal device. This innovative solutions helps solve a common problem among vehicle maintenance Marines.

Staff Sgt. Kyle Owens, a motor transportation chief with Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group, I Marine Expeditionary Force, shows the wire housing found inside that steering wheel column of the Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacements at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, April 29, 2021. When troubleshooting lighting issues, mechanics are often required to remove the steering wheel to access the wiring. Traditionally, a 10-way slide hammer kit is used to remove the wheel, often cracking the column or warping the wheel in the process. Owens designed a tool that prevents any damage to the truck while removing the steering wheel that won him an Operational Agility Team award for the Innovation Challenge.

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Author: Morgan Blackstock

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