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New Trailer Hauls in Capabilities for Marines

The Marine Corps’ latest Force Design 2030-driven change comes in the form of a trailer and brings to mind the wise words of World War II U.S. Army General Omar Bradley, “Amateurs talk strategy, professionals discuss logistics.” Marine Corps Systems Command will soon field the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle-Trailer in support of Force Design’s light fleet modernization efforts…
The Marine Corps’ new JLTV-Trailer comes loaded with features such as a step assist in the rear, air brakes, removable side rails, a 12v electrical hook in the front and a storage compartment. Offering 147 cubic feet of storage space and already coming painted green from the factory, the JLTV-T propels the light tactical vehicle fleet toward Force Design 2030. Marine Expeditionary Units and Divisions are expected to concurrently receive initial shipments of the trailer beginning fiscal year 2022. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Samantha Bates)

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Author: 1st Lt. Isaac Lamberth

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