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Supporting the future fight: MCSC modernizing infantry capabilities

The Marine Corps has been investing time, money and resources into modernizing the force to meet objectives outlined in the Commandant’s Planning Guidance, Force Design 2030 and the National Defense Strategy. Brig. Gen. A.J. Pasagian, commander of Marine Corps Systems Command, has stated that no investment is more important than those in support of the infantry Marine. “The Marine Corps in 2030 does not exist without the individual Marine, what they’re wearing and what they’re carrying,” said Pasagian. “Enhancing our infantry Marines by providing them with the best capabilities available remains an integral, ongoing priority for the Marine Corps…
A U.S. Marine gives a safety brief to students before a fire and movement exercise on Range 215A as part of the sixth week of the Infantry Marine Course on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Calif., March 3.

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Author: Matt Gonzales

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