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Secretary DeVos Issues Statement on Higher Education Act Reform Principles Introduced During National Council for the American Worker Meeting

U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos released the following statement on the Administration’s Higher Education Act reform principles released during today’s meeting of the National Council for the American Worker:

“To meet the needs of our nation’s students and our growing economy, we must rethink higher education. Right now, there are 7.3 million unfilled jobs in the United States, yet too many Americans remain out of the workforce because they lack the skills necessary to seize these opportunities. We must do better for our students and workers. There should be multiple educational pathways to a successful career, and the federal government shouldn’t pick winners and losers amongst them. At the same time, higher education should be more affordable, nimble and relevant. Institutions of higher education need to be freed-up to implement new ideas that could fill the many gaps between education and the economy. The Department of Education is currently leading that effort through ambitious negotiated rulemaking which seeks to break down the barriers to innovation in higher education and encourage new approaches and new partnerships.

“The higher education reform principles released today provide an important roadmap for working with Congress to rethink higher education and pass meaningful reforms. Ideas like simplifying loan repayment, short-term and second-chance Pell and streamlining the FAFSA are common-sense, bipartisan and should be passed immediately.

“I thank President Trump for his leadership on this critical issue, and I look forward to working with Congress on improving educational opportunities for all of America’s students.”

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