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Statement from U.S Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on Results of the March 2021 NAEP Survey on School Reopening

Statement from U.S Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona on results of the March 2021 NAEP Survey on School Reopening:

“The data released today reaffirms that we reached President Biden’s goal of reopening the majority of K-8 schools ahead of schedule. In March, 54% of K-8 schools were open for full-time in-person learning, and 88% were open for either full-time in-person and/or hybrid learning. Today’s data also shows positive trendlines of increasing numbers of Black, Hispanic, Asian, and American Indian/Alaska Native students enrolled in in-person learning since January. This success is the result of hard work and intentional collaboration between the Administration, states, school districts, educators, and families across the country. Nothing can replace in-person learning, and thousands of schools have made that a reality for millions of students. But we must maintain a high level of urgency.

“While we’ve made important progress, I will not be satisfied until 100% of schools are safely open for full time in-person learning for all students. We are still seeing a much lower percentage of Black, Hispanic, and Asian students enrolled in full time in-person learning compared to their White counterparts. And even when offered in-person options, many Black, Hispanic, and Asian students, as well as multilingual learners and students with disabilities, are still learning fully remote. At the national and local level, we must act with urgency and bring every resource to bear to get more schools reopened full-time this spring and address the inequities that continue to persist in our classrooms and communities. The Department will continue to work with students, families, educators, states, and districts, to ensure our education system serves all students, not just some.”

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