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ICYMI: Secretary Granholm Visited North Dakota and Minnesota to Tour Clean Energy Infrastructure

Grand Forks Herald: U.S. Secretary of Energy says North Dakota’s carbon storage capacity a ”gift to the planet” 

Granholm said she doesn’t view combating climate change with a silver bullet, but rather “silver buckshot.” In North Dakota, that buckshot pattern hits several targets, including further rolling out wind and solar power, but also working to decarbonize fossil fuels. 

“We have to create clean, baseload, dispatchable power,” Granholm said. “You can’t flip a switch, although we have a huge sense of urgency, but there are solutions you can deploy today, and put it on steroids.” 

KFYR: Biden Cabinet member meets with ND state leaders over energy policy 

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was in Grand Forks Thursday with Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D., and Gov. Doug Burgum, R-N.D., to meet with energy leaders. The roundtable discussed North Dakota’s opportunities to expand green energy technologies and save current infrastructure. 

“I get the importance from both the workers point of view as well as for the economic opportunity for a state, to be able to clean the technology, decarbonize the technologies we have and move into new technologies. Huge economic opportunity for North Dakota,” Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm said. 

KNOX News Radio: US Energy Secy. Praises ND efforts toward carbon neutrality 

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm joined Sen. John Hoeven and Gov. Doug Burgum in Grand Forks today (Thu) for a roundtable with energy stakeholders. Granholm said North Dakota has an advantage in carbon capture and storage because of its geology and complimented Burgum on the state’s efforts. 

“To be able to say you’re going to be a state that is putting its stake in the ground for zero carbon, when you have such a fossil fuel history, is really courageous and it’s great leadership. It means you’re going to invest in the technology that it takes to get there, as a goal,” Granholm said. 

Star Tribune: U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm, Minnesota senators make clean energy policy pitch 

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Minnesota senators made the pitch Friday for clean energy proposals in the infrastructure and social safety net bills that are tied up in Congress, saying the measures would help the state in its quest to go carbon-free. 

“You can be all in on creating a clean energy economy and on managing this transition so that people still have access to affordable power, reliable power,” Granholm said. 

“We want to keep pressing and build out more and deploy, deploy, deploy clean energy at the same time that we want to make sure that baseload power is protected. Both have to happen. This winter, we want to make sure that we can get as much power online.” 

KMSP: U.S. Energy secretary campaigns in St. Paul to push Biden’s $4.5 trillion spending plan 

U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm was in St. Paul on Friday campaigning for $4.5 trillion of new spending on infrastructure, green technology and social programs — a major part of President Joe Biden’s agenda that’s stalled in Congress. 

“I’m here today for this very reason. Cabinet members are being sent across the country to be able to do this (campaign for the legislation),” Granholm said. “Members of Congress are doubling down on explaining what is in this bill for people, because when people hear it, they love it.” 

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