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FEC approves advisory opinion, discusses AO request and draft interpretive rule –

WASHINGTON – At its open meeting today, the Federal Election Commission discussed an advisory opinion request and a draft interpretive rule. The Commission issued an advisory opinion prior to the meeting.

Advisory Opinion 2018-12 (Defending Digital Campaigns, Inc.) On May 21, the Commission approved by tally vote an advisory opinion in response to a request from Defending Digital Campaigns, Inc. (DDC). The Commission concluded that DDC may provide free cybersecurity to federal candidate committees and national party committees under circumstances presented in the request and because of the demonstrated threat of foreign cyberattacks against party and candidate committees.

Advisory Opinion Request 2019-05 (System73) The Commission discussed an advisory opinion request from System73 concerning its proposal to enter into “license agreements” with political committees for the exclusive rights to livestream the committees’ events. On the eve of the meeting, the Commission made public a second draft opinion. During the discussion, the Commission heard from Counsel for the requestor.

Draft Interpretive Rule on Paying for Cybersecurity Using Party Segregated Account. The Commission discussed a draft interpretive rule proposed by Chair Ellen L. Weintraub to provide guidance on the payment by national party committees for secure information communications technology and cybersecurity products or services for national and state party committees and federal candidate committees by using funds from party segregated accounts for headquarters buildings.

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