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EPA Reaches Agreement with Superior Battery to Begin Cleanup in Morris, Illinois

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CHICAGO (September 16, 2021) – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has reached an agreement with Superior Battery to conduct a cleanup at its warehouse in Morris, Illinois, that experienced a significant fire in June. The cleanup is expected to begin in October.

EPA entered an Administrative Settlement Agreement and Order on Consent with Superior Battery to clean up the warehouse in Morris, which contains various types of batteries including lithium-containing batteries, in addition to solar panels, waste electronics and other materials. Lithium batteries are a safety and fire hazard because they contain a flammable electrolyte and may become pressurized when damaged, causing them to rupture. Rupture of the batteries may cause them to overheat and possibly catch fire or explode. Superior Battery will perform the cleanup under EPA supervision, and submit work and safety plans to EPA.

The agreement requires Superior Battery to clean up hazardous (and potentially hazardous) substances from the burned materials at its warehouse. Superior Battery must consolidate hazardous substances and contaminants, package and ship all batteries in accordance with Department of Transportation rules, and perform sampling and analysis of waste, soil, burned material, asbestos, storm water, and air. All wastes will be shipped off-site for disposal. EPA will monitor and oversee Superior Battery’s compliance with the Order.

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