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The Wall Street Journal endorses VA’s proposed community care access standards

WASHINGTON – The Wall Street Journal endorsed VA’s recently announced proposed access standards for community care in an editorial published today.

This represents the second high-profile endorsement of the standards this week, with four former VA secretaries underscoring their support on Monday.

Last week, the department announced the proposed standards, which will provide Veterans the choice to use community care at VA expense based on drive times to VA facilities and average wait times for primary and specialty care.

In its editorial, the Journal asked “one question is why anyone would oppose the plan,” as it helps Veterans get “health care faster and closer to home.”

The Journal underscored that, “The competition will put pressure on the VA to reduce wait times, which will matter in the incentive to seek outside care.”

The paper went on to address the myth of VA privatization:

“Behind all this is a debate about ‘privatizing’ the VA… Integrating veterans into the private health system makes sense for them and everyone else…The VA is especially competent at certain types of care like trauma recovery, and that’s what the VA hospitals and treatment centers could focus on…Yet if the VA is providing excellent care to veterans, competition won’t matter.”

Read the full editorial here.

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