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Hurricane Ian Courthouse Closures

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Federal courthouses in Florida are closed due to the effects of Hurricane Ian.

Middle District of Florida

  • Fort Myers and Tampa: Closed Sept. 27-29.
  • Ocala and Orlando: Closed Sept. 28-29.

Contact the Middle District of Florida for more information. 

Southern District of Florida

  • Miami: Closed Sept. 28-29.
  • Broward: Closed Sept. 28-29.
  • Fort Pierce: Closed Sept. 28-29.
  • Key West: Closed Sept. 28.
  • West Palm Beach: Closed Sept. 28.

Contact the Southern District of Florida for more information. Note: Courts in the Southern District follow closure schedules set by county school systems within the district.

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit

  • Miami: Public offices closed Sept. 28-29.

This article will be updated as the storm progresses and more information is available. 

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