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Judiciary Operations Continue After Funding Extension Is Enacted

A new continuing resolution that was signed into law last Friday will fund the Judiciary’s fiscal year 2019 operations through Feb. 15.

Federal courts had sustained funded operations, since the partial shutdown began in December, using a multi-pronged strategy of deferring non-critical operating costs and utilizing court filing fees and other available balances.

The Judiciary had expected to run out of money on Feb. 1, and officials are studying how long funded operations could continue if another shutdown occurs after Feb. 15. Similar to how courts operated from Oct. 1, 2018, through Dec. 21, 2018, courts have been advised to limit obligations to those necessary to carry out their mission and maintain current operations. 

Payments to lawyers appointed to represent clients under the Criminal Justice Act, which were suspended beginning Dec. 24, 2018, will resume.

Any rescheduling of cases delayed by the shutdown would be done by individual courts. In response to requests by the Department of Justice, some federal courts issued orders suspending or postponing civil cases in which the government is a party, and others declined to do so.

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