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Grassley: Democrats Ignore History on Bipartisan Green Energy Policies

February 12,2020

Washington – Senate Finance Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley
(R-Iowa) today responded to Senate Democrats’ misleading
and baseless letter
on energy tax policies that ignores recent and
longer-term history on how to successfully enact bipartisan green energy

I returned as Chairman of the Finance Committee last year, a top priority was
the extension of the so-called extenders, which include a significant number of
green-energy policies that remained expired for nearly two years,” Grassley
wrote. “That priority was frustrated by a lack of interest or enthusiasm on
the part of many who have traditionally supported addressing tax incentives
intended to encourage, among other things, the production and use of clean and
renewable fuels, to promote electricity generation from certain clean and
renewable sources, and to build more energy efficient buildings and homes.”

Last year,
after Democrats showed little interest in holding hearings on temporary tax
policies, Grassley launched
tax taskforces
to determine a path forward for the policies, which included
reviewing stakeholder comments and proposals related to electric vehicles,
offshore wind, energy storage and technology-neutral energy incentives. 

attempts were made to find a path forward to markup tax extenders and a handful
of new associated energy provisions,” Grassley continued. “Yet each
time, the insistence on expanding the EV credit, primarily to the benefit of
high income earners, continually derailed these efforts.  All this,
despite the strong opposition to such an expansion on the Committee and in the
Senate, which virtually assured that such a bill, even if it could be reported
by the Committee, would have no path to success.”

reiterated that he remains open to continuing discussions started last year and
that he looks forward to advancing bipartisan energy policies that can be
enacted into law.

has long been a leader in renewable energy tax policy. Grassley is the father
of the wind energy production tax credit and has been the leading champion of
biofuels policies, including the biodiesel tax credit. As chairman, Grassley
has worked
to renew several other expiring renewable energy tax policies in the 2000s and
2010s, including those encouraging electric energy, most
at the end of last year.
full letter can be found HERE.

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